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Badass commercial

Apr. 26th, 2008 | 03:12 pm


Makes me wish that was in a film!

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Busy F'n Week!

Apr. 19th, 2008 | 11:41 pm
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So I've spent the last week shooting several different videos for Hard Knocks with Adam and Spill. I can't give you any video previews yet, but here are a couple of photos from the last week:

I'm excited to finish them. They're all looking VERY promising.

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How am I not myself?

Apr. 10th, 2008 | 02:20 am

List of semi-annual movies that are in dire need of being viewed:

Punch Drunk Love
I <3 Huckabees
Star Wars (all)

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Excited (New Video Series)

Mar. 24th, 2008 | 02:04 am

So Mr. Phil Spill and I are creating a new series. Humorously revolving around (slightly) exaggerated versions of ourselves, and our friends. Call it "Curb Your Enthusiasm" for the manic depressive, fat, nerdy, and tastelessly funny YouTube generation. Its exciting to be working on something with some promise. We've planned the stories for the first 2 (almost three) episodes, and the script for episode one is finished. Spill is doing some work on Episode 2 tonight (while I slumber).

I think it's going to be very funny, eclectic, weird, pop-culture, chic and satirical (especially chic). Production will most likely start within a month, depending on our crew + equipment situations. Its a very exciting time! I can't wait to update you guys more as we make some more progress.

Oh, and the show is affectionately working-titled "Matt & Matt". There will of course be appearances from many others, but who really cares about anyone other than us?


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Feb. 28th, 2008 | 12:21 am

So I was standing outside the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's entrance, waiting for their MySpace Show, and up walks Ron Perlman. He stops walking for a second, looks right at me. I say "Hello!" he says "Hello" back and just keeps walking by.

Fucking LA! I never in a million years thought I'd see Ron Perlman just walk by.

That and I got to chat with Rob Huebel for a few minutes, which was really cool.

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Oscars Night 2008

Feb. 25th, 2008 | 12:05 am
location: Hollywood and Highland
i feel...: ecstatic and tired

So tonight was quite possibly the most exciting night of my life. The day started out quite hectic. Work began at 8am, and didn't end until 3pm. At 3pm, I went to my hotel room and changed into my tuxedo, ready for 8more hours of work and play. The red carpet show began, and I was stationed at the main hub of the entire world's Oscar coverage. The night started off with Jon Stewart walking into the entrance, and me wishing him "Good luck Jon!" to which he looked right back and me and exclaimed "Thanks a lot!".

In the hotel, the main floor's conference rooms are converted into the most amazing telecommunication and broadcasting rooms you've ever seen. Hundreds of news publications from every country are set up with multiple laptops, translating headphones, and audio recorders. It was amazing. Giant flat-panel televisions hung from the ceiling, broadcasting the show on a Closed-Circuit Television stream. The backdrop for this room is a GIANT stage with brilliant lighting and giant Oscar statues, and an "ABC / 80th Annual Oscars" backdrop that spans nearly the entire room. This is where I spent my night. Amongst the world's press, and Academy members working like madmen and madwomen. Free food was at every corner of the hall, and people were everywhere. The giant broadcasting room's purpose was to interview every winner of the night. The next room over was the photography room, where winners posed with the brand-new Oscar, turning in every direction imaginable while the members of the press screamed their heads off.

Throughout the course of the night, I was delighted to hear interview answers from some amazing talent, including Tilda Swinton, Brad Bird, and Dario Marinelli, as well as many of the technical winners as well. Once the show had ended, we walked outside and back to the trailer where I normally worked. Sadly, my back was in such excruciating pain from standing all day and night, that I could not go all the way to the trailer with Adam and Matt. I had to stop walking for a bit. Fortunately, I stopped walking directly outside the entrance to the Kodak Theatre, where the biggest names in Hollywood were exciting the show. I stood at the entrance, hands folded in front of me, looking very confident and professional. For the next thirty minutes or so, I was able to make eye contact with and say "Hello" to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Viggo Mortenson, Michael Bay, Dwayne Johnson, Jonah Hill, and almost every Oscar winner that night. How amazing! At this point, I could hardly believe what was going on. I was seeing some of the most amazing actors, actresses and filmmakers of our time, all mere inches away from me.

Soon after all the hooplah, Spill and Adam returned from the trailer and we decided to take pictures of ourself on the red carpet. This was quite possibly the best decision we've ever made. Shortly after we finished taking pictures, Cate Blanchett walked by. I said hello to a security guard I'd been working around all week, and he politely told me not to take anymore pictures. Little did I know that every single A-List celebrity there was making their way out from the Governer's Ball. Harrison Ford, HAN FUCKING SOLO, was standing ten feet away from me. I made Spill follow me, and I walked up to him. "Mr Ford? We just wanted to say hello, we're big fans." "Oh, thanks". Holy shit. Harrison Ford! My childhood hero just said hello to me! Immediately after, Best Supporting Actor winner Javier Bardem walked by me, and I shouted "Congratulations Javier!" he looked right me with a huge grin on his face and gave me a thumbs up exclaiming "Thank you!" Thirty seconds later George Clooney walked by. "Good night Mr. Clooney!" I said. He looked directly at me with a smile "Thank you so much! You too!" I decided I only live once, and that I absolutely had to be nice and polite and friendly to everyone, and they all returned the emotion. It was fantastic. Everyone was so ecstatic and happy, they were all delighted to say hello to me, and that's a great feeling. I was (and still am) totally overwhelmed.

Wow. At this point I was still shaking from meeting Harrison Ford and all the others, and I had to go back to the hotel, where I am now. So that was Oscar Night. One of the most amazing nights of my life.

Pictures coming soon.

I can't wait until next year.

ALSO: I forgot to mention; I met Jason Bateman as well. While leaving the red carpet, he walked by, and Adam said his name. Jason looked at us and Adam told him we're big Arrested Development fans, and then I said "Bring Arrested Development back!" and he replied "I'm trying." in a sincere and friendly way. It was a very cool moment for me.
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Feb. 14th, 2008 | 01:07 am
location: Los Angeles

Made it to LA safe and sound. I'm at Jason's place getting ready to sleep! The flight was insanely long, and very cramped. So glad to be on land again.

I'll start taking pictures tomorrow, and I'll have them online ASAP!
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Feb. 10th, 2008 | 10:56 am

"This brings me to my second point. Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values. It requires that their proposals be subject to argument, and amenable to reason. I may be opposed to abortion for religious reasons, but if I seek to pass a law banning the practice, I cannot simply point to the teachings of my church or evoke God's will. I have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths, including those with no faith at all."
-Obama's speech on Atheism and Faith (video here

Well put man...thats some of the most down to earth and respectable stuff I've heard from a politician in a long time.

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Feb. 4th, 2008 | 11:11 pm

In preparation for my LA trip, and also just really needing to, I've officially revamped my webpage, after a long long friggin' time.

i haven't been able to check it in IE yet, so it could be royally fucked if you view it there. I'll be able to do tweaks and the like as I get access to a pc within the next day or two.


May I present to you a short film Colin and I created this weekend, for a contest. JUMPER: a short film. Is our entry for the official short film contest. Let me know what you think!

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This is awesome, Anon cells in Orlando

Jan. 30th, 2008 | 09:17 am

Those of you who live in Orlando, you'll recognize the street! Its really cool how widespread the Anon attack on Scientology has been. I'm tempted to go out myself for fun.

I think the coolest thing is the fact that like any Scientology protest, a random "Scientologist" always comes out and hassles / takes pictures of the people protesting...even in Orlando.

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